Best In Class Programmatic Hub

Elastic Arquitecture

Powerful AI Technology


Improving Ad performance and profitability through superior Yield optimization.
TQ | MARKET is Trendqube’s in house, propietary programmatic platform that offers a unified holistic inventory and demand managment solution to strategically grow advertising operations. By integrating superior forecasting analytics and data driven yield optimization tools, we provide unique added value to maximize the value of your ad inventory.
The results are dynamic bids and smarter decisioning that fuel the optimization and value of every impression.
We create quality programmatic advertising markets, giving our partners the power to capture the full value of every impression across demand sources and channels. Seamless integration with TQ | MARKET provides instant connection to millions of quality advertisers while our integrated sales managment technology streamlines operations for maximized yield at minimal costs.
Superior RTB Bidder
Uber-Precise Targeting
Real-Time Analytics
Integration Flexibility
Price Transparency
Powerful Monetization



80M+ US Consumers reached monthly


1.2 Trillion Data Events per Day


12.000 Advertisers

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