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TrendQube presents the first hybrid programmatic platform that allows for integration of programmatic technologies across digital channels and screens.

In-house hybrid exchange

TrendQube Programmatic Hybrid Cross-Screen Technology is powered by one of the world’s most efficient and effective proprietary cross-media technology, providing innovative data-driven solutions for brands to connect with consumers.


We create a seamless movement of budgets programmatically, maximizing reach across all digital channels with solutions based on machine learning delivering unmatched optimization across all screens.


Unifying data with unparalleled accuracy and precision TrendQube unlocks true knowledge about your customers or your audience, giving advertisers direct access to premium and diverse multiscreen supply, and a full stack of monetization offerings for publishers.


TrendQube presents a programmatic product suite that allows consumers to engage in cross-platform interactions, enabling buyers and sellers to access and trade premium inventory in a trusted and streamlined environment. ​


Our programmatic suite offers viewable, brand-safe, and fraud-free media to in-market consumers on their path to activations, delivering a full stack of solutions to help you in every stage of your user acquisition, engagement, and monetization process. Integrated with our Mobile Performance programs this can provide the final touchpoint in the consumer’s journey.

Adaptive and Powerful Intelligence

Advanced, robust technological suite combined of a programmatic infrastructure packed as one efficient integrated advertising platform.
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    Offering 3rd party SSPs a single integration and access point to premium buyers and top agency relationships.

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    Reach your desired audiences through our ultra-efficient, transparent, and economical marketplace.

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    Advanced buy-side and sell-side advertising technology enabling buyers and sellers to access and trade premium inventory in a trusted and streamlined environment.

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    A leading marketing and advertising agency with a specialisation in cross-device performance marketing, fueling Growth by leveraging intelligent mobile data insights.

Data-Driven solutions for brands to connect with consumers

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Programmatic Cross-Device Performance Marketing

TQ | Market

Programmatic Hub | SSP | RTB | AdExchange

TQ | Fuel

Propietary SDK | Mediation Platform

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