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We are a global provider of high impact mobile solutions with 15 years of experience. At Trendqube we are passionate performance marketing and crushing goals.

With team members drawn from every corner of the industry, we are an all-in-1 solution for your performance marketing needs.

We combine the latest technology, with our personalized touch and expertise, to deliver a premium service that is difficult to beat!


For Advertisers


We use secure post backs and top of the line fraud detection softwares to prevent your offers from falling in fraudulent traffic.


We preach that a good and sustainable relationship will always find its way to a great deal, we truly believe in the power of people.


We focus on excellency, so having multilingual AM´s and wide time zone coverage is a priority and a differential.

For Affiliates


API integration allows affiliates to choose and implement offers rapidly.


We take notifications very seriously. We notify our partners 24/7 all days of the week to take advantage of offer changes.


Dedicated account managers will review your verticals, your history and listen to your comments in order to select the top converting offers and most reliable content for your inventory.



  • User Acquisition
  • mVAS campaigns
  • CPS
  • Lead Generation
  • Push Campaigns
  • Awareness content
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is connected to all three types of media including top, medium-sized and long-tail media.
Take advantage of our one-stop cross-media intelligent ad management platform to make your campaigns a success.

We use secure post backs and top of the line fraud detection and prevention to ensure the safety of your campaign delivery.



  • High Payouts
  • CPM payments
  • Advanced Reportings
  • Advance Algorithm
  • 24/7 support

Say goodbye to Dead Offers!!

We specialize in the monetization of di gital ad spaces for publishers, our focus is to impact the desired users, hit the planned KPI’s and achieve brand awareness as well as increase our media partners ROI & fill rates.

Within our Offers Marketplace you can filter by TOP, Geos, Payouts and pick your favorite ones.



With years of experience Trendqube strength is our ability to detect what’s real and what isn’t. We identify and resolve security, privacy, and quality issues on your mobile appa and websites 24-7.

3D Risks

    Three dimensions of digital risks.

  • Malware Prevention
  • Encryption Compliance
  • Malware Attack Data

Some of the inconsistencies

  • Inconsistent browser sessions
  • Forged user agents
  • Geo mismatches
  • Bad device reputation
  • Proxy usage
  • Data Center IP usage

To Protect

Your Offers:

We have the latest tools & softwares in the market within our daily processes. We cannot ensure a fraud free environment, but we can ensure the necessary measures will be taken once a Publisher or an Affiliate has manage to fool the tools in place.

Your Media:

We offer to connect your traffic to the latest technology available. Our in house certification is validated by 2 different companies and has been built to fight fraud aggressively. The same way we offer our media partners validated and trustfull offers, we will review and qualify the media we serve so as to generate a clean and prolific echosystem.

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